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December 26, 2018

The elimination of noise a temporary noise blanket

The elimination of noise a temporary noise blanket

Living in a world of the sound, but the sound is too large, a noise will bring harm to the people. In accordance with international standards, in the downtown area, outdoor noise, not exceeding 55 dB during the day, at night can not exceed 45DB General; residential area, not exceeding 45 dB during the day, at night can not exceed 35 db. If a long time exposure to noise, will produce adverse reactions and may cause various diseases. In addition to damage hearing Outside, the noise will also affect the other systems of the body, bring some Physiology The symptoms, such as insomnia, Neurasthenia Plant nerve function disorder, blood pressure Instability. Methods: the elimination of noise isolation

Chinese name

The elimination of noise

DB interval

35 to 55 dB


Neurasthenia, autonomic dysfunction etc.


Soundproof windows and doors etc.

One index
Two On the transformation of sound insulation doors and windows
Three The wall decoration to prevent reflection
Four How to sound Home Furnishing activities
Five The room with the color should be soft
Six Noise reduction method

Decoration new homes, may pay attention to practical and beautiful, but there is a point you may be ignored, this is how to create a comfortable and quiet home sound environment. A good environment there are a lot of measure, but the quality of timbre is undoubtedly one of the hard targets. In the hustle and bustle of the city, let the home become quiet harbour, need a "scientific scheme of eliminating noise".

On the transformation of sound insulation doors and windows
If in the street, the best window glass into the street Sound insulation glass . Because the soundproof glass thick window rail can not be docked ordinary, so the window frame to transform. Such as the use of 5 mm to 8 mm thick transparent glass installation Soundproof window After about 30 decibels can reduce the noise. Double layer glass insulation effect in about 40%, while the three layer glass is almost 100% of noise. The use of good airtight performance Plastic doors and windows That can save energy by 30% to 50%, and can make the indoor noise is reduced to the outside of the 1/3, maintained at about 30 db.
Filling depends on the door in the door of the inner core insulation effect. The inner core filled paper base Molded doorThat can reach 29 dB sound effects. The use of high-quality core Particleboard The door, sound insulation effect can reach 32 db. Solid wood doors and Solid wood composite door The more, high density, heavy weight, thick plate, insulation effect is better. If the door with two patterns, rather than smooth door, can play a sound and sound to prevent repeated refraction effect.Near the door Sealing strip The Fire-proof door Also, with good sound insulation effect. In addition, Door The key between the door and the installation is also determined the effect of noise. Experts suggest that the door and door by experienced professional installation.

The wall decoration to prevent reflection
Too smooth metope and ground, will reflect a sound, such as the use of wallpaper," Soft roll "Decoration, decoration materials such as stone or culture, will make some rough wall surface, the acoustic wave generated numerous refraction, thus reducing noise. Large-sized apartment tenants, to reduce noise is additionally provided with a layer of gypsum board. Large-sized apartment tenants are available cork Covered in the wall, with wood not equidistant with geometric figures and partition walls, cork cover. Reconstruction of the wall after the noise can be reduced by about more than 50 db. Walking in the composite wood floors hard, often produce a loud sound, especially at night will make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore we can use the mute Cork floor By increasing the elasticity index, and the static bending strength of the floor, the floor is sound-absorbing insulation function.

How to sound Home Furnishing activities
A number of furniture should be moderate, less easy to make sound in the room more easily and cyclotron resonance, East meets West hit. The use of wooden furniture will receive a good sound insulation effect, the wood fiber furniture has a porous, can absorb the noise. The different degree of different sound-absorbing wood, soft wood sound absorption more should pay attention to doors and desk drawer cabinets, the best hardware with mute, pull when there is no noise. take BookcasePlaced in with the adjacent neighbor before the walls, can be properly barrier from the neighborhood.

The room with the color should be soft
Home Furnishing quiet life, not only contains the auditory environment, visual experience is also very important. In the light of indoor, ceiling, floor, wall color if too bright, will interfere with the body's central nervous system, make people feel confused in mind, particularly sensitive to noise. The interior decoration of all kinds of lamps and decorative materials selection should pay attention to light soft color.
Home Furnishing in color, it is best to avoid using too much impact as far as possible the use of color, soft color, such as beige, white is easy to make people quiet Home Furnishing color.

Noise reduction method
1, the best way to deal with noise is to be strict to seal the windows, whether you are single or double window windows sealing is the most important. The bearing capacity of the bucket is decided by the shortest piece of wood, while the sound effect is the weakest part of the decision. From the current level of technology, use steel windows to do for the seal is the most effective means of decoration. Has been used for Aluminum Alloy users should ensure that the border Aluminum Alloy the integrity of the seal. Relatively speaking, Aluminum alloy windows Seal than Plastic steel window Poor.
2, the window seal is solved, the next step is to make it more seals, after all, sound does not mean that sealed the lines, but also on the sealing performance. The window in tech Hollow glass It is a very effective way. Because of the noise of people are often part of the treble, treble is linear transmission, and use of glass can make it much reflection, hollow glass can consume it without some reflection do perish. But profiteers to pay attention to the double glazing did not treated when you sell hollow glass.
3, through the use of thick curtains to be consumed part of the sound energy, is also a relatively simple approach, of course, is not a very effective way.
4, for those in the bass vibration friction, we can use carpets, fabrics and even smoking (GE) tone cotton to weaken their influence on the indoor. The rubber pad is added at the foot of the bed can also reduce the vibration of a certain sense. At the same time the mattress palm mat than the spring Simmons Well, of course, not to mention the hard bed board.
5, there are a number of houses by Light brick ( Hollow brick Do these materials) walls, poor sealing, if you have a great impact on your side of the road, you can also rely on the road to do a wall of wooden square (steel) plus Gypsum board In charge of suction (GE) tone cotton sandwich, then wallpaper The decorative surface such as (of course, can also use ordinaryWall paint Surface treatment).
6, of course, no matter how to do sound, and do not forget proper ventilation, too closed like an unhealthy environment for sleep. In the noise oriented side to Fangzao, for his back to the side of conditions must be properly ventilated, of course, appropriate and not asking you the windows wide open, because of the noise of the things that have some repercussions, it may affect the building behind you came back to your buildings.

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