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December 26, 2018

The effects of noise on human life, harm of noise, you know?

The effects of noise on human life, the harm of noise, you know?


Noise is a body of sound irregularly when the sound, the sound caused by the vibration of objects, in the form of the wave in the medium (such as solid, liquid and gas) in noise pollution spread generally refers to man-made. From a physiological perspective, which disturbs people rest, study and work in the sound, that is not sound, called noise. When the noise of people in and around the adverse environmental effects, on the formation of noise pollution. Since the industrial revolution, the creation and use of all kinds of machinery and equipment, has brought prosperity and progress to mankind but also produced more and more noise and more strong.


The effects of noise on human life

A noise-induced hearing impairment

The noise is hurt ears photosensitive organ (cochlea) sensory hair cells, sensory hair cells once hurt, it will never recover. The feeling of high frequency feels cells are most vulnerable to noise damage, so people have been hearing noise damage if you do not do the listening test is often not consciously, until the hearing loss to communicate with people, but it's too late. Early hearing loss in 4000Hz is most likely to occur, and bilateral symmetry. The patient cannot hear the gentle high-frequency sound. Unless suddenly exposed to very strong voices such as gunfire, firecrackers, and progressive hearing loss.

Second, the noise caused by cardiac vascular injury

Acute noise exposure is often caused by hypertension, 100 dB in 10 minutes adrenal hormone secretion, the sympathetic nerve is excited. In animal experiments, have found the same. although



However, epidemiological survey results are not consistent, but recently several large-scale studies show that long-term exposure to noise of the relationship positively correlated with hypertension. Exposure to the noise of 70 dB to 90 dB for five years, the risk of hypertension by up to 2.47 times

Three. The influence of noise on reproductive capacity

In recent years, some experts put forward the "environmental hormone" theory, pointed out that the environment there is like the effect of chemical substances to human endocrine function such as hormones, noise is one of them. It will make the human body endocrine disorders, resulting in semen and sperm abnormality. Noise pollution long time can cause male infertility; for women, it will lead to abortion and fetal deformity



Shape. In other areas of study so there is still no conclusion has yet to be further explored.

Effect of noise on sleep, four

Up to twenty-eight per cent of the people think that noise affects sleep, but for a long time under the influence of whether there is harm to health, pending further discussion.

Five. The influence of noise on the central nervous system of the fine

Long time exposure to noise, can make the cerebral cortex excitatory and inhibitory balance state of raw tone, form strong excitement, the autonomic nerve innervating visceral dysfunction occurs, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess, inattention, memory loss, tinnitus, easy fatigue, unresponsive, nerve oppression and easily angered. A series of symptoms collectively referred to as


"Neurasthenia" syndrome. In addition, often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms, such as the reduction of gastric secretion, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, resulting in loss of appetite, emaciation. Some people also showed vasospasm or vascular tension decreased, resulting in increased blood pressure and arrhythmia symptoms. Due to the peripheral vasoconstriction, acral insufficiency caused by nutritional disorders.

The researchers pointed out that when the noise reached 70 decibels, the finger skin temperature decline accounted for sixty-five per cent of the number of clients, and the noise of 90 decibels, the finger skin temperature decreased up to ninety per cent. There are also some people, because of the endocrine glands affected, functional disorders and other symptoms of menstrual disorders and women.


Effect of noise on the vision, six

The noise will not only damage the auditory nerve, optic nerve injury. This is because of the sensory interaction's sake. Therefore, frequent contact with strong noise will affect visual perception. For example, one hundred and fifty DB noise in aircraft engine under the action of the visual sense of dark adaptation will drop twenty per cent, and see the definition of. More than one hundred and forty dB even will cause eyeball vibration and blurred vision.

Seven, the communication interference

Effect of noise on speech communication, from the effect of noise on hearing. This effect, a light will reduce exchange efficiency, heavy damage people's hearing. Research shows that 30 decibels are a very quiet environment, such as the studio, the hospital should satisfy this condition.40 dB is the normal environment, such as general office should maintain this level. 50-60


Tony belongs to a noisy environment, mental labour is affected, the conversation also affected. When the call around noise up to 65 dB dialogue difficulties; at 80 decibels, while listening is not clear. The noise reached 80-90 decibels, a distance of about 0.15 meters to raise his voice to the dialogue. If the noise decibel is again high, it is virtually impossible for dialogue.

Eight, on the psychological impact.

The noise is noisy sound, is referred to as  feel irritability, a strident voice of hate. Its noise interferes with people's normal work and study. When the noise below 60 decibels, to talk to people and thinking almost has no effect. When the noise above 90 decibels, talking and thinking hard, it will seriously affect people's work and learning.


The noise hazard in medical operation:

Patient: for patients undergoing surgery, the surgery itself can be used as an objective existence of the source of stress, resulting in physiological and psychological stress response more strongly. Without any restrictions on the noise, and give the new stress factors add patients to produce multiple potential hazards or adverse physiological or psychological effects. In general, the effects of noise on physiological surgery patients can cause the stress response of the human endocrine system.

Doctor: is affected by noise, not only will distract the attention of doctors will result in unnecessary tension. The operation cannot be normal.

Pregnant women and infants:


The noise will affect the development of the fetus in different degree. Is the main effect on hearing, serious when can cause permanent irreversible damage. Secondly, on the development of the nervous system caused by the impact, which is related to the degree of the influence of noise. Please stay away from the noise of pregnant women.

Compared with other environmental pollution, people often do not feel that the noise is a kind of pollution, so as to ignore it to harm us, understand that this series of noise on human health and our life interference, we must take measures, on the one hand depends on the noise control technology development, on the other hand also depends on the legislative management and the government's administrative measures. Especially the environmental noise source management is crucial to the prevention and control of noise pollution. From the small beginning to take care of our environment, protect our own health.


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