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December 26, 2018

How to avoid effect on the nervous system Maybe you consider a acoustic blanket

How to avoid the effect on the nervous system Maybe you consider an acoustic blanket

(1) effect on the nervous system.
The nature, intensity and exposure time of noise effects on the nervous system and the related noise. The noise repeated long time stimulation, more than physiological capacity, it will cause damage to the central nervous system, the cerebral cortex excitatory and inhibitory imbalance, resulting in abnormal reflex, cerebral vascular disorders, brain potentials, resulting in neurasthenia syndrome, there will be a headache, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue and sleep poor performance, can also be caused by exposure to memory, thinking ability, learning ability, reading ability reduce neurobehavioral effects. In the strong sound stimulation can cause sympathetic nervous, respiratory and pulse rate, blood pressure, skin vasoconstriction, chills, sweating, arrhythmia, reduction of gastric secretion, inhibit gastrointestinal motility, affect the appetite.
(2) effect on the endocrine system. The noise through the hypothalamic-pituitary system, increase ACTH secretion, adrenal cortical hormone, gonadal hormone and thyroid stimulating hormone, which caused a series of biochemical changes.
(3) effects on the cardiovascular system. The influence of noise on the cardiovascular system mainly excited sympathetic nerve, heart rate, pulse rate, noise is stronger, more intense reaction, leading to cardiac output increased, systolic blood pressure increased to a certain extent. But with increasing noise time, the body "stress" reaction gradually weakened, followed by suppression, heart rate, pulse slowed, reduced cardiac output, systolic blood pressure decreased. Generally, the degree of noise and cardiovascular system changes the properties, parameters and contact time length.
(4) influence on the visual organ. The noise will cause adverse effects on the visual organ. Work in high noise environment workers often complain of eye pain, blurred vision loss, etc.. Noise and vibration can cause the failure of symmetrical balance reaction eyes on moving objects, which is due to the central nervous system to produce inhibitory effect after stimulation results in noise. In general, the greater the intensity of noise, clarity worse stability. The clarity is reduced, will cause the decline in labor productivity. At the same time, also making noise, color vision abnormalities, the survey found the noise reduced 80% for red, blue and white color vision.
(5) effect on the digestive system. In the long-term effects of noise, can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, manifested as loss of appetite, nausea, loss of weight, reduce the secretion of gastric juice, gastric motility, gastric emptying slows down to.

The nonspecific effect of noise

(1) interference to sleep and rest. The noise will affect people's sleep quality, strong noise and even make people unable to sleep, or make people confused in mind dream, woke up, and the interference of the elderly and patients are more sensitive to noise.
(2) psychological impact. The psychological effects caused by the noise is the main worry, exciting, irritability, and even irrational. The noise is also easy to make people tired, so often affects focus and work efficiency, especially for non repetitive movements of workers, more obvious effect. The masking effect of noise, often conceal some dangerous signal sound warning, the construction area or production places so noisy prone to accidents.
(3) the noise impact on the fetus and children. Research shows that the noise would produce mother strain, causing uterine vascular contraction, so as to affect the supply of fetal development necessary nutrients and oxygen. The noise also affect fetal weight. In addition, because the child development is not yet mature, each organ is very delicate and fragile, whether it is the body of the fetus or newborn infant, the noise can damage hearing organs, so that hearing loss or loss. The noise can also affect the development of children's intelligence, according to a survey, the noisy environment of children's intellectual development than in the quiet environment of low 20%.
(4) the impact on women's health. Menstrual function of female noise impact, often show abnormal cycle (cycle irregular), prolonged menstruation, abnormal blood (blood volume increase more than the decrease in blood volume), dysmenorrhea.When women are exposed to high intensity noise, especially the noise intensity of contact 100dB above, the incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome was significantly higher. Pregnant women with long-term exposure to noise, give birth to low birth weight infants increased incidence also have slight effects on the nervous system may be congenital malformation.
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