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INANOISE acoustic barriers is a leading manufacturer to design and manufacture various of mixed materials temporary noise barriers we produce a comprehensive range of sound barriers fence for construction and plant noise reduction to build a healthy environment for human life depend on 10 years + construction industries experience and strong R&D we launched a series of permanent & temporary sound barriers to the market and win an excellent reputation. We employed 2 acoustic engineers as consult of the company to help customers to fix boring noise problem at a cost-efficient rate. We manufacture noise barriers were sold both of domestic and overseas market.


WHO report that noise pollution was effect 1/6 human population in this world but due to previous technology make it is unfeasible and unpractical to make a fast installation and disassemble a sound barriers around building construction or plant obviously it is not worth to build a ponderous steel sound barriers in a high cost just for a short term 2 weeks project .


INANOISE acoustic barriers through developed and testing in the project of overseas and domestic accumulated experience to insulation and reduction noise sounding in realistic solutions. We manufacture temporary acoustic barriers are much flexible available any dimension sized required, light duty design just 1-2 construction workers can install them in several mins ,you no need to cut or reshaped them in your local all temporary noise barriers in a blanket format was incorrect size delivering to you project by TNT or DHL FEDX etc just 3-5 day to guarantee meet you project construction finished time . It is a 100% wisdom options to use temporary noise barriers install around noise semi-construction.

Just take cable and eyelets put noise barriers in a temporary fence panel to reduce 30dB-50dB noise.T temporary Acoustic Barriers with the application such as 


  • Light/heavy railroads
  • Major infrastructure
  • Smaller projects like building construction
  • Shopping centres
  • Streetscapes
  • Wherever required noise reduction
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